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Air Compressor Daily Maintenance
- Aug 06, 2018 -

In order to enable the air compressor to operate normally and reliably, to ensure the service life of the unit, it is necessary to make a detailed maintenance plan, carry out the operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, so that the air compressor unit to keep clean, no oil, no dirt.

Main parts maintenance refer to the following table:

Note: Cleaning cycle A

In accordance with the above table repair and replacement components must be determined: air compressor system pressure has been released, and other pressure sources have been separated, the main circuit switch has been disconnected, and has been done to stop the safety of the device. B. Compressor cooling Lubrication Oil replacement time depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and air whether there are acid and alkaline gases.

The newly purchased air compressor first run 500 hours to replace the new oil, after the normal oil change cycle every 4,000 hours, the year running less than 4,000 hours of machinery should be replaced once a year.

C. Oil filter in the first boot run 300-500 hours must be replaced, the second in the use of 2000-hour replacement, after the normal time every 2000 hours to replace. D. Remember to prevent any sundries from falling into the compressor host chamber when repairing and replacing air filters or intake valves.

Operation will be the main entrance of the host closed, after the operation, to use the hands of the main rotation direction rotating several laps, to determine that there is no impediment to the boot.

E. In the machine every run about 2000 hours to check the tightness of the belt, if the belt is loose, you need to adjust until the belt tension; In order to protect the belt, in the whole process to prevent the belt due to oil pollution and scrap.

F. Oil filters must be replaced at the same time for each oil change. G. Replace parts as far as possible with the original company components, otherwise there is a matching problem, the supplier will not be responsible.