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Control of air compressor noise pollution
- Aug 06, 2018 -

automobiles. The index of Noise pollution as the index of assessing factories and living environment has long been included in the index of environmental protection standards.

Then, the equipment supplier should also have the responsibility and the obligation to reduce the noise pollution in the process of mechanical equipment operation through technical means, and to create a lower db work and living environment better.

Air compressor noise control mainly using muffler, anechoic tunnel and sound insulation technology three aspects:

1. Install Air compressor muffler: The main noise source is inlet and outlet, and suitable exhaust muffler should be selected. The frequency spectrum of air compressor inlet noise is low frequency characteristic, and the intake muffler should choose resistance structure or impedance compound structure with main resistance.

Air compressor exhaust gas pressure, high airflow speed, should be in the air compressor exhaust port using small hole muffler.

2. Set Air compressor noise-free tunnel: The tunnel wall is made of good sound-absorbing bricks in the underground or half underground tunnels of the Anechoic tunnel. The air compressor inlet pipe and the Anechoic tunnel are connected, so that the atmosphere through the Anechoic tunnel into the air compressor.

The use of Anechoic tunnel can make the air compressor inlet noise greatly reduced, the service life is also longer than the general muffler.

3. Establish sound insulation cover: In the air compressor inlet, exhaust port installation muffler or the setting of anechoic tunnel, airflow noise can be reduced to 80db (a), but the mechanical noise and motor noise of air compressor is still very high, so should also be in the air compressor unit on the installation of sound insulation cover. 4, Hanging space acoustic body: in Foshan Linghein Air compressor station, large and spacious plant reverberation is very heavy. If the roof of the factory is dispersed, the noise of the factory can reduce the 3-10db (a) and the reverberation time to reduce the 5-10s.