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electric infrared lamps heating spray booth VS diesel burner heating spray booth
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Our factory manufacture spray paint booth with different kinds heating system.

The most energy efficient and advanced infrared spray booths available. They use a fully-electric heating system and infrared lamps curing coupled with airflows and advanced control system to provide the lowest costs and fastest production times. 

Qiangxin spray booth factory also offer auto paint booth with traditional diesel heating and gas heating and curing system.


Electric infrared lamps heating spray booth   VS diesel burner heating spray booth


Diesel   burner heating

Burner-heat   exchanger-intake air fan-inside room-drying car by hot air.

(The   paint is drying from body external to body inner)

Electric   infrared lamps heating

Power   supply-electric infrared lamps heating-drying car by direct radiation


Diesel   burner heating

Has   fire, exhaust larage quantity of wasted gas, should check the heat exchanger,   air fan, burner and clear heating system every year. If the maintenance is   not timely, there are safety risks, easy to cause fire, not in line with the   requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Electric   infrared lamps heating

No   fire, no pollution, conforms to the requirements of environmental protection   and human safety, efficient and energy saving.


Diesel   burner heating

Temperature   60 ℃, by 30 mins, consume 8L oil, the cost reach RMB60.

Electric   infrared lamps heating

By   15min, total power consume 30KW/h, the cost reach RMB15.