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Maintenance of painting Room
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1.daily cleaning room walls, glass and platform base, lest dust and paint dust accumulation, 2, every week clean into the wind insulation nets, check whether the exhaust dust mesh plug, such as the room air pressure increase, must replace the exhaust dust mesh;

3.each work 150h should be replaced by the dust insulation fiber cotton;

4.each work 30oh should be replaced into the wind dust insulation NET,

5.Clean the water plate every month and clean the diesel filter on the burner;

6.each quarter should check the wind and exhaust motor transmission belt slack.

7.every six months should clean the entire paint room and the network, check the circulation of the valve, wind and exhaust fan bearings, check the burner smoke channel, clean the tank of sediment, clean the paint room water-based protective film and spray.

8.each year should clean the entire heat energy converter, including combustion chamber and smoke channel, each year or 1200h should replace the paint roof cotton. Of course to present a perfect car paint work, rigorous process, strict operating standards, skilled operation skills, are indispensable premises, can not be denied the rational choice of planning paint room, not only to the greatest extent to meet the requirements of high levels of painting, can be in the shortest possible time to spray a flawless body paint, But also to paint the master to bring safety, health, bright, comfortable working environment.