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Operation procedure of Lifting machine
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1. Remove the equipment and sundries in the vicinity of lifting machine before using, and check whether the operation handle is normal.

2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, the hydraulic system does not allow crawling phenomenon.

3. When the car, four branches of the angle should be in the same plane, adjust the height of the horn cushion to contact the chassis supporting parts of the vehicle.

4. When the car, the vehicle can not be too high, the support of the rear four brackets to lock tight.

5. When the lifting vehicle enters, the lifting support block shall be adjusted to move the lifting point specified in the vehicle.

6. The personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting to the need of height, must insert the safety lock pin, and ensure safe and reliable before starting the bottom of the car operation.

7. In addition to the minimum and minor repair projects, other cumbersome and cumbersome operations, not in the lift to operate the repair.

8. Lifting device shall not frequently rise and fall.

9. When the car lift to stabilize, landing to slow.

10. Some people do not work when lifting lifting machine.

11. Found that the operating mechanism is not the spirit of the motor, different steps, bracket uneven or hydraulic part of the oil leakage, should be timely repair, not sick operation.

12. The work should be cleared of sundries, sweep around the lift to keep the site clean and tidy. 13. Regular (six months) excluding lifting oil cylinder water, and check the oil quantity, oil quantity should timely raise the same brand of pressure oil. At the same time should check lubrication, lift drive gear and sewing strips.