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Principle of Painting room
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Spray room principle and structure: the whole spray-baking room for the assembled structure, the room adopts the sub-mother-inserted insulation spray wall board, sealing, good insulation performance, aluminum alloy package side door, the central door is equipped with observation window, can observe the room dynamic; the side of the room is equipped with work door, convenient staff access, high quality stainless steel heat exchanger, heat exchange efficiency, Long service life, selection of imported filter cotton, low noise and high air volume fan, to ensure the perfection of the painting effect. Painting room for the workpiece spraying provides: (1) Clean working Environment, (2) Full collection of paint mist. Spraying room configuration According to the workpiece size, shape, weight and production program can have a variety of ways: open, closed-type, there is a continuous, intermittent parts, there is a workpiece rotation or fixed points, a single side spraying and two-side spraying. and the development of oil curtain spray room, the next painting room.

The structure shall include: Air supply filtration system, workpiece hanging (conveyor, rotation) device, water curtain system, washing system, exhaust system, sink, lighting device and room body. The principle of paint mist recovery: Paint mist recycling can be divided into two parts: first, spraying the workpiece, paint mist and water curtain collision mix, water curtain will dissolve into a part of paint mist into the sink; the other is not dissolved into the water curtain mist through the bottom of the water curtain into the washing room, and the spray nozzle spraying full mixing, gas and moisture separation and sedimentation into the sink. Add Paint mist coagulant to form paint residue in sink regularly

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