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Several factors for buying a paint house
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Several factors for buying a paint house: ① brightness, paint room brightness needs to reach 800-1000 lux, and need to use close to D65 light source, while the room wall should be matte white; ② air flow; ③ filtration effect, this depends on the model of the paint roof cotton, The general repair shop uses has EU5 and EU6 two models, can be used in the use of paint in the room with a solar light in the upper, usually very small dust per square metre should be less than 5; ④ wall sealing effect, the paint room must be sealed, and at the seams should not be the accumulation of paint dust; ⑤ guarantee positive pressure, The air intake of the paint room should be slightly greater than the air volume, to keep the baking room in the state of positive pressure; the sealing effect of the ⑥ heating system should be well sealed around the burner and the chimney, and the burning putty should not appear; ⑦ heating rate, baking room from 20 ℃ to 60 ℃ the time spent is about L0-l5min, At the same time should pay attention to some of the paint room thermometer is not allowed to measure the temperature of the paint in the room to the metal body temperature prevail. If the selected paint room can meet the above conditions, it is an ideal paint room. But in the cumulative use of the process, there will be the quality of the paint room, more dust in the room, poor construction effect, poor lighting and other conditions, in fact, as long as we can correctly use and maintain the paint room, these problems are completely avoidable.