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The Application Of Four Wheel Positioning Instrument
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1. Vehicle performance has been affected (vehicles in a straight line when the steering wheel is not positive, in a straight line when driving will be left or right, the body will not be stable, the steering wheel will sway around, driving when there is a floating situation.)

2. Tire wear is not normal, there is a serious phenomenon of fetal eating (but also to consider whether it is due to abnormal fetal pressure caused by unusual wear, under normal circumstances, excessive tire pressure will aggravate the wear of the center of the tread, and low fetal pressure will aggravate the wear on both sides of the tread, if the side of the bias grinding, it is possible that the inclination of the outside deviation.

3. Damage of chassis and suspension caused by accident; 4. Replace the suspension, steering system, tripod or connecting rod chassis parts;

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