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Auto Body Paint Booth

Auto Body Paint Booth

Type: Car Paint Booth Customized basement
Inside: 6900 x 3900 x 2650
Outside: 8500 x 4000 x 3300
Unit: mm
Front Door: 3000 x 2900
Side Door: 700 x 1700
Total Power: 44 kw

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Product Details

Auto Body Paint Booth

Room body

1, the room is made of color steel plate, socket type EPS insulation board, thickness is 50mm, color plate thickness is 0.426mm. Set three open folding doors and side pedestrian doors. The gate is a powder-coated surface aluminum profile with a main wall thickness of 1.8 mm. The side door entrance is equipped with a small step, and the door leaf is provided with a pressure lock to solve the problem of overpressure in the room.

2, the platform is 300mm high, built-in slope, equipped with steel structure bracket, high strength, beautiful, durable, cabinet can be left, right and rear (main picture is the rear cabinet), with two rows of grille and three rows of anti-skid plate.

Lighting system

24 LED lamps are installed on the top side of the house, and the illumination is 1000 lux.

Air supply system

1. YDW series centrifugal fan produced by Siemens technology. This fan has low noise, large air volume and low energy consumption.

2, the blower flow rate is 12500m3/h, the power is 4KW, 2 sets.

The exhaust fan flow rate is 15000m3/h, and the power is 5.5KW, one set.

Heating system

With 10 sets of luxury infrared baking lamps, each set of 3, each 1000W, total of 30KW.

Electronic control system

It adopts microcomputer program operation, the main components are well-known brands at home and abroad, the main circuit is equipped with multiple protections, with fan switch, paint switch, lighting switch, stop switch, emergency stop switch, fault alarm and so on.

Purification system

The air inlet with air inlet filter cotton, and the bottom of the static pressure chamber is provided with high-efficiency filter cotton, and the air extraction cabinet adopts a paint mist filter device and an activated carbon adsorption device.

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