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Automotive Paint Spray Booths

Automotive Paint Spray Booths

Model No.: QX2000AB Infrared
Heating System: Electric Infrared
Color: For Selections
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Packing: By Sea Shipping
Lead Time: 18 Days after deposit

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Automotive Paint Spray Booths

Our Advantages

Automotive Paint Spray Booths

Our Advantages

We are Guangzhou Qiangxin Electromenchanical Co.,Ltd, we specialized in spray booth & garage equipment.

☆11 years experienced working team

☆CE ISO approved

☆Customized service 

☆Direct factory price

☆ Professional design service before order

☆ Timely and controlled delivery

☆ Life -long technical support service

Technical Parameter

Car spray booth technical parameters

Outer dimensions (mm): 7000x5400x3000

Inner dimensions (mm): 6900x3900x2600

Entry door height (mm): 2600

Access door width (mm): 3000

Operating temperature (°C): Indoor maximum temperature to 80 °C (permanent temperature 55 ° C, 80 ° C is the limit temperature, not suitable for long-term use in extreme temperatures)

Total power (kw): 44

Applicable models: car, station wagon

Body System

Wallboard: composite flame-retardant polystyrene insulation board with a wall thickness of 50mm and foam density of 16kg/m3. The color steel plate is a hot-dip color plate with a thickness of 0.426mm. The main color of the color plate is blue, white, red, orange for your choice. Good thermal insulation performance, light weight and service life of more than 15 years. 

Roof plate: The top plate is assembled from high-quality galvanized steel.

Base: 300mm high platform, galvanized steel plate, galvanized abrasive forming structure, steel structure bracket, high strength, beautiful, durable, cabinet can be left, right and rear,. It is equipped with two rows of grille and three rows of checkered plate.  

Air Circulation System

Fan: 2 sets of 4kw centrifugal inlet fan, 1 set of 5.5KW centrifugal exhaust fan, imported by Siemens technology, large air volume and low noise.

Fans cabinet: The surface panel of the wind cabinet is galvanized spray-coated board, which has strong anti-rust force and beautiful appearance; the wind cabinet frame is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet, which is not easy to wear, has strong anti-rust ability and is more durable than general surface treatment. 

Circulation way: full internal circulation, especially rapid heating, strong thermal insulation capacity, special energy saving, and its excellent performance in cold environment.

Duct: The duct is made of galvanized sheet, 2 sections of 700*700*1000mm straight tube, a 90° elbow with professional corner flange.


Filtering System

Filter cotton: Inlet filter cotton is high-quality filter cotton, which can effectively capture dust particles larger than 10μm; top filter cotton is three-dimensional spray-type filter cotton, which can effectively capture dust particles larger than 5μm; double-layer filter system, air purification rate can More than 98%.

Ceiling cotton shelf: stainless steel cotton frame, strong rust resistance, good rigidity, beautiful and durable, can be repeatedly disassembled, not easy to damage, easy to replace filter cotton.


Heating System

Infrared tube: There are 10 sets of infrared light boxes, each box has 3 1kw infrared heating tubes, each box has a protection net. The electrothermal conversion efficiency is over 95%, and the thermal radiation penetration is strong, which can effectively improve the surface quality of the paint, no pollution, no noise, no electromagnetic radiation.


Electronic Control System

Electric control box: It is assembled by high-quality electronic components at home and abroad, automatically and accurately displays the temperature and drying time in the baking room, and has over-temperature, overload and short-circuit protection, safe and reliable.

Temperature control table and timer: select well-known brand products, reliable quality, stable performance and accurate display.


Lighting System

Lamp: 24 20w lamps with illumination of 1000 Lux.

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