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CE Approved Car Spray Booth

CE Approved Car Spray Booth

Model No.: QX1000A/Blue/European Standard
Sizes: standard or optional
Color: For Selections
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Applicable Models: Cars
Delivery Method: By Sea Shipping

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CE Approved Car Spray Booth


1, Guangzhou Qiangxin Electromechanical CO., Ltd. making efforts to supply quality  spray booth & garage equipment including car lift,car bench more than 11 years experience in  foreign trade .

2, Our products have been selling  to worldwide countries as Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Somalia, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion Island...

3, Powerful  professional team can solve any one problem .

4, Car spray booth can customized for clients.

Advantage of Infrared lamps heating system

The infrared automobile paint booth relies on radiant energy to force the internal molecules of the paint to rapidly align and violently vibrate to form a photoelectron excited state, which generates strong internal energy, forcing the moisture and volatile substances in the paint to be quickly discharged from the inside to the outside to achieve rapid drying. 

Therefore, there is no dust in the air during baking, and the lacquer surface is bright as a mirror. In addition, due to the high temperature of the substrate, the paint is dried from the inside to the outside, resulting in strong adhesion of the paint on the substrate, the bonding of the paint surface molecules is tight, and the hardness is 2-3 times higher than that of the conventional baking paint.



Inside: 6900×3900×2650(mm)(L×W×H)
Outside: 8200×4000×4300(mm)(L×W×H)


50mm EPS(epispastics polystyrene )insulation material with S=0.426mm two side steel panel

Lighting System

Lamp boxes are 45°fixed on upper two side,with 8 groups*3pcs=24pcs  20w energy saving LED lamp

Air Intake &Exhaust System

With 2pcs environment intake air blowers,Total parameter:YDW5.6m.2*1.5kw.25000m3/h
With 1pcs centrifugal air blowers,Single parameter: YDW4.5AL.4kw.12500m3/h

Cabinet Setting

Intake air from upside,downside exhaust wind.
Frame is made of tube 50*50mm, body plate is made of galvanized plate(thickness:0.8mm)

Heating System

Equipped with 10group*3=30 pcs luxury infrared carbon fiber heating lamps,3000W/group.The operating temperature:50℃-75℃.Max. temperature:75℃

Filtration System

4 filters
①Air inlet with prefilter.
②Ceiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.
③With three layers of activated carbon, plus an Environmental protection cabinet.

④With outlet filter.

Voltage Frequency

380V 50HZ(customized)


38 KW

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