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Commercial Spray Booth with Purification Machine

Commercial Spray Booth with Purification Machine

Model No.: QX2000AB Exhaust gas purification device
Heating System: infrared
Color: For Selections
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Applicable Models: Cars
Delivery Method: Sea shipping

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Product Details

Commercial Spray Booth with Purification Machine

Qiangxin Spray booth company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of spray paint booths and environmental protection purification equipment. Welcome to tell us what you need, we can design SUV spray booth to fit in your special area.

Features of this model

Be equipped with exhaust gas purification treatment system, effective treatment measures for organic waste gas using "water spray device, UV light oxygen catalytic exhaust treatment device". Each painting & drying booth be equipped with one set exhaust gas purification device(car paint booth external size are not contain size of exhaust gas purification devices )

1)Spray booth outlet connect to 1 set of stainless steel water spray tower system, size: 1500 × 1500 × 3500 (mm) (L × w × H), equipped with a set of adsorption balls; This equipment adopts a square tower body and is formed by connecting flanges in sections. It is composed of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, inlet section, a rotating washing bucket, a spray layer, a filling layer, a defogging layer, and a wind cone cap. Suitable for UV gas purification pretreatment.

2)After water spray tower, connect to UV light oxygen catalytic exhaust gas purification system 1 set, single-piece size: 3600×1300×1500 (mm) (L×w×H), each set is equipped with 120pcs high-energy UV ultraviolet lamps, 150W/pc, Total 18KW/set. 

Processing air volumn:2000m3/h--100000m3/h

Organic exhaust gas purification efficiency:≥95%

Equipment resistance:≤300Pa

Prepared noise:≤45Db

3)After equipped with a 11KW large volume anti explosion centrifugal exhaust fan. Exhaust air duct long reach 15meter high( and need be supported, two options: supported by shelf or supported by outside protective canopy/room)

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