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Cross Draft Paint Booth

Cross Draft Paint Booth

Type: Luxury diesel paint booth
Internal Size: 6900*3900*2650mm
External Size: 7000*5500*3300mm
Voltage:380V 50hz 3Phase
Certify: CE/AU/NZ standard
Warranty: 1 year

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Product Details

Cross Draft Paint Booth


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Main system description of spray booth

Automatic damper: 

When the paint room is painting mode, the damper is automatically opened to 90 degrees to produce internal circulation, which has long heat preservation time, fuel saving and power saving. 

Stainless steel heat exchanger: It is welded with high quality stainless steel, with fast heat conduction and heat exchange efficiency of over 95%. The temperature rises quickly and the temperature is even. 

burner: It can greatly improve the utilization of energy and reduce environmental pollution. The heat exchanger matched with it, combined with scientific design and production, has a heat exchange rate of over 85%. Its characteristics: large heat exchange area, full combustion, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable. 

Insulated fan: The low noise and large air volume ensure the molding requirements of the paint and improve the utilization rate of the paint. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of air cleanliness and ensure the health of the workers. 

Control System: It is generally designed with advanced brand-name components, which is stable and reliable for the whole machine and easy to operate. 

Safety anti-pressure device: It can ensure that when the pressure in the paint room is too high, the safety door is automatically opened to ensure the safety of the operator. 

Lighting system: Generally adopting the new design, there is no shadow in the paint room operation, especially the professional electronic ballast for the paint room, the illumination is 1000 lux.

Advanced air filter cotton: Before the air enters the spray booth, two filter layers are installed to filter out dust and other debris in the air. The surface of the spray paint is free of dust and other impurities, and the air in the paint booth is kept clean, and the workers are protected.

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