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European Standard Auto Spray Booth

European Standard Auto Spray Booth

Model No.: QX2000AB European Standard
Heating System: Electric Infrared
Color: optional
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shzen
Payment: T/T / Western Union
Lead Time: 15 Days

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Product Details

European Standard Auto Spray Booth

Main Technical Parameter

1, outer dimensions (length × width × height) mm: 7000 × 5500 × 3300

2. Inner dimension (length × width × height) mm: 6900 × 3900 × 2650

3, gate specifications (width * height) mm: 3000 × 2600

4. The air volume of the air inlet fan is m3/h: 25000, and the air volume of the air outlet fan is 15000.

5. Average wind speed during painting: m/s: 0.25

6, illuminance Lux: 1000

7, air filtration efficiency: >98%

8, noise: ≦ 75dB

9, the highest working temperature: 60 ° C

10, the maximum power consumption kw / h: 30

11, the total power of 44kw, (including the fan 13.5kw, electric heating 30kw, lighting 0.5kw)

Material selection

1,The entire spray booth is a built-in structure, and the room body is insulated with EPS wall panels, which has good sealing and heat insulation performance (Optional: anti fired rock wool board).

2,The automobile spray booth adopts aluminum alloy edging door, and the center of the door is equipped with a glass observation window, which can observe the movement in the room at any time. There is a work door on the side of the room to facilitate the entry and exit of the staff.

3,The CE certificated spray booth uses high-quality filter cotton, low-noise centrifugal fan, and copper motor has a longer life.

4,Green and environmentally LED lighting, saving energy, safety and environmental protection, long service life and high luminous efficiency.

QX2000AB Drawing

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