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Infrared Waterborne Spray Booth System

Infrared Waterborne Spray Booth System

Model No.: QX2000AB Waterborne Car Paint Booth
Heating System: Electricity
Color: White or others
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou Or Shenzhen
Payment: T/T / LC
Production Time: 15 Days

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Product Details

Infrared Waterborne Spray Booth System


We supply spraying and drying system as well as complete solution for various requirement in different layout and space. Based on our knowledge and experience in surface coating, just send us the layout of your workshop, we will submit a detailed quotation within 3d drawings and specifications which meet your customized demand. 

We can also give you some professional advice or plan if you want to update your painting equipment.

Product Details





Front Door

3folds aluminum frame door size in 3000mm x 2600mm(Wide x High)

Safety Door

1 set side hung door:700*1700mm(W*H)


50mm EPS(epispastics polystyrene )insulation material with S=0.426mm two side steel panel

Lighting System

Lamp boxes are 45°  fixed on upper two side,with 8 groups*3pcs=24pcs 20w LED lamp

Air Intake System

With 2pcs centrifugal air blowers,Total parameter:YOW5.6m.2*4kw.25000m3/h

Cabinet Setting

Intake air from upside,downside exhaust wind.
Frame is made of tube 50*50mm, body plate is made of galvanized plate(thickness:0.8mm).
(Face the booth,the cabinet is on the right side)

Heating System

30 pcs of infrared carbon fiber heating lamps,1000W/piece.The operating temperature:40℃-60℃.Max. temperature point:75℃

Filtration System

4 filters

②Air inlet with prefilter.

②Ceiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.

③With three layers of activated carbon in exhaust fan cabinet.

④With fiberglass filter in exhaust cabinet.

Waterborne System

3 centrifugal fans are installed on the top of the spray booth to speed up the air supply in the room, thus achieving rapid air drying.


High performance antirust treatment galvanized grille  and antirust treatment floor plate(3 rows of plate,2 rows of grilles).
Channel steel column.2pcs antirust treatment ramps :2000*630mm(W*H)

Control System

Microcomputer control system,Painting , Baking, Temperature Controller, Breakdown Indicator, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, and Time Setting(Face the booth,the cabinet is on the right side)

Voltage Frequency

380V  50HZ

Light Intensity


Air Flow Speed




Applicable Industry

Applicable to the automotive industry coating production and automotive repair service market paint repair, railway rail transit industry and parts painting production, engineering machinery production, military machinery, energy equipment, aviation equipment, ship yacht painting, elevator and other industries surface Painting work.  

The traditional auto repair paint will cause pollution to the environment. With the improvement of the environmental protection legal system and people's awareness of the environment, the application of environmentally friendly paint (waterborne paint) in the auto repair industry has become a trend, waterborne paint baking room was born.

Qiangxin brand water-based spray paint booth is suitable for waterborne paint and traditional car repair paint spraying operation.

Spray Booth Parts Details


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