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Rock Wool Panel Car Paint Oven

Rock Wool Panel Car Paint Oven

Model No.: QX2000AB Customized Panel
Heating System: Electric Infrared
Color: In Blue In White
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shzen
Payment: T/T / Western Union
Lead Time: 18 Days after deposit

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Product Details

Rock Wool Panel Car Paint Oven

QX2000AB Custom car paint oven have two main advantages. Welcome contact us to get latest car paint oven details.

Paint room wall panel

Adopt the rock wool color steel plate, and the upper and lower surfaces are made of colored steel plates with a thickness of 0.426 mm. The color is generally white. 

Rock wool core material: the density of rock wool is 120-160kg/m3. 

Its features: excellent anti fire performance, good thermal insulation, and significant sound absorption and sound absorption. It has matured and been widely used in Europe.

Drying system

Turn off the fan, turn on the heating switch to heat it, and the infrared is like a microwave oven with a cured lacquer coating inside and outside. Therefore, the convection and the conductive paint booth are prevented from causing defects such as pores and bubbles caused by evaporation of the inner moisture and the solvent through the surface of the cured spit layer caused by the outer and inner solidified lacquer layer. 

Infrared radiation is almost no warming to the air, so the air is basically stationary at the beginning of heating, avoiding secondary pollution of the paint surface caused by the flow of hot air. When the temperature reaches the setted temperature, the heating is stopped. When the temperature drops below the set temperature by 1 to 2 °C, the far-infrared heater is automatically turned on, so that the temperature in the baking room is kept constant. 

Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the baking room will automatically shut down and the baking finishes. Automatic heating, constant temperature timing, timed shutdown, etc.

Optional choice for basement


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