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Standard Size Paint Booth

Standard Size Paint Booth

Model No.:QX1000A good quality paint booth
Drying Paint Performance: fast and environmental infrared heater
Paint Booth Standard: CE,AU/NZ
Suitable Vehicle sizes: such as small car, Suv

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Product Details

standard size paint booth


This car paint booth adopt electric infrared lamps heating/drying paint system. No fire,no pollution, conforms to the requirements of environmental protection and human safety,efficient and energy saving.

Main Technical Data


inner long 6.9 meters, inner width 3.9 meters, inner high 2.65 meters.

          external long 8.2 meters, width 4 meters, high 4.3 meters.

Dry System: 

30 pieces infrared lamps, car baking paint oven temperature setting can be 40-50 degree for car paint.

Air Circulation System: 

2 units intake air blowers on the top of spray booth, 1 unit extract air blower at the back of the car spray booth.

Filtration System: 

adopt 4 process filtration-air inlet with prefilter-the high efficiency filter before air come in the vehicle paint cabin-fiberglass filter located in spray booth exhaust fan cabinet-three layers activated carbon filter.

Customized Paint Booth For Vehicle

Different options:

Custom-made paint booth sizes, customized QX1000A infrared spray booth exhaust air blower cabinet location, Customized Voltage frequency (220V/380V/ 415V 50HZ 3phase)for clients. We are direct factory in manufacturing high quality car spray paint booth in Guangzhou,China.

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