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Unique Garage Paint Booth

Unique Garage Paint Booth

Model No.: QX1000A Environmental garage paint booth
Heating System: Electric Drying
Color: Blue
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou, China
Payment: T/T / Western Union
Lead Time: 15 Days

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Product Details

Unique Garage Paint Booth

Product Description

Spray booth is a kind of equipment for surface paint dyeing and drying equipment, It can not only play the role of beauty, but also to protect the goods, It is widely used in the industries of automobiles, machinery, hardware, furniture, glass steel products, chemical equipment and so on the workpiece surface spray paint, paint construction operation.

Standard QX1000A infrared spray booth (economic environmental type) is designed for cars painting and baking. Inside size:22.64*12.80*8.69ft(L*W*H)

When painting, the external air is filtered by the primary filter and sent to the roof by the fan, and then filtered through the top filter to be purified.  The air in the car paint booth is fully pressurized and flows downward at a speed greater than 0.25 m/s, so that the paint mist particles after painting cannot stay in the air, and after passing through the bottom filter device, the exhaust fan is discharged out of the automobile paint booth. In this way, the circulation is continuously changed, so that the air in the room is more than 98% clean when the paint is sprayed, and the air sent out has a certain pressure to ensure that the indoor dust does not leak into the paint booth and pollute the workpiece, thereby ensuring good quality spare parts of automobiles.


Air Intake and Exhaust System:

With 2pcs environment intake air blowers,Total parameter:YDW5.6m.2*1.5kw.25000m3/h

With 1pcs centrifugal air blowers,Single parameter:YDW4.5AL. 4kw.12500m3/h.

Heating System:

Equipped with 10group*3=30 pcs luxury infrared carbon fiber heating lamps, 3000W/group. The operating temperature:50℃-75℃. Max. temperature:75℃.

Filtration System:

4 filters

①Air inlet with prefilter.

②Ceiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.

③With three layers of activated carbon, plus an Environmental protection cabinet.

④Outlet filter in exhaust cabinet.

Control System:

Painting , Baking, Temperature Controller, Breakdown Indicator, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, and Time Setting.


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