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Custom Powder Spray Booth

Custom Powder Spray Booth

Type: For Powder Coating Treatment.
Optional: Powder coating recovery machine Or Powder coating recovery machine with Painting Room.
Price: Depends on specific data.
Warranty: One year.

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Product Details

Custom Powder Spray Booth

Product Description

Spray booth provides professional painting environment,which could be achieved all the painting requirements for temperature,humidity,illumination and air cleanliness etc.Also it could be limited and treatment both painting characteristics,clients’ requirements and also combines years of painting experience to provide high efficiency,easy maintenance and best economic painting spray booth to our clients.

Structure description:

1. This powder spray booth is made of galvanized sheet bent, welded and riveted. .

2, Using bending joint welding, so that the outdoor body board and the board is more tight.

3. The surface of the chamber is smooth and smooth, and the joints between the plates are injected with high-quality sealant. The powder is convenient and easy to change colors.

4. The top of the chamber body is flat, reducing the opening area, preventing dust from overflowing and protecting the hanger.

5. Recycling adopts large air outlet and rear exhaust technology. The airflow in the spray booth is stable and reasonable, and the wind power is soft. The powder retention time in the spray booth is increased to increase the powder rate.

6. Each unit is equipped with independent top explosion-proof lighting. The internal light is sufficient and bright, and the lighting is 300lx, which is safe and energy-saving, and easy to maintain.

7. The sizes of exist opening distance can be customized.

8. can be a single powder recycling machine, can also be used together with Qiangxin spray room.

Customized Powder Coating Painting Room And Equipment


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