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Industrial Aircraft Paint Booth

Industrial Aircraft Paint Booth

The spray booth is designed to meet the needs of high-end customers, and can well meet the maintenance and repair of 18-meter-long buses, non-standard large-scale workpieces, large trucks, trains and other transportation vehicles

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Product Details

Detailed parameters 

Front door: electric roller door or aluminum frame 4 folds door , 4000 × 4500 mm (W × H). Color: white.  

Work door: 2, 700 × 1700 mm (W × H), Color: White.  

Wall panel: 4 sets of steel reinforcement ribs in the middle of the wall, 4 sets of steel composite beams on the top; 70mm thick, δ=0.526mm color steel plate inside and outside, socket type, width 1150 mm, internal filling: EPS, color: white.  

Air blower seat (3 sets):   1. Air supply with 6 sets of double inlet centrifugal fan, single fan power: 7.5KW; Flow: 20000m3/h;   2. Exhaust air with 3 sets of double inlet centrifugal fan, single fan power: 11KW; Flow: 36000m3/h;  

Heating system: equipped with infrared heating tube heating system.  Filtration system: primary filtration, high efficieny filtration, fiber glass filtration, activated carbon filtration.  

Voltage frequency: 1 × 220 3 × 380 50HZ.  

Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C.  

No-load wind speed: ≥ 0.25m / s.


1, wall plate 75mm polystyrene flame retardant insulation board, color steel plate thickness 0.526mm, room wall panel matching steel column and composite beam.

2, using LED tubes, all lamps are equipped with brand electronic ballast, the performance is more stable than the previous electronic head.

3, 6 sets of 7.5KW centrifugal fan for air intake, 3 sets of 11KW belt drive large impeller fan for exhaust air, ensuring the number of air changes in the room, which is conducive to paint mist discharge.

4, optional electric three-dimensional workman lift.

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