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Large Size Paint Booth

Large Size Paint Booth

Model No.: QX3000 Bus Paint Booth
Heating System: Infrared Heating
Color: For Selections
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Applicable Models: Bus/Truck
Delivery Method: Vessel

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Product Details

Large Size Paint Booth

Company Information

Guangzhou Qiangxin Electromechanical Co.,Ltd  is a professional manufacturer engaged in automotive spray paint , industrial coating equipment , technical consulting and solution , technical design ,production and installation service . Guangzhou Qiangxin Electromechanical Co.,Ltd own a strong technical team ,a patient sales team and a responsible production team who plays an  excellent role in technology, production, service and sales. Qiangxin projects have been exported to more than 80 countries and areas in Europe ,Australia ,New Zealand ,USA,  Russia and South Africa etc. 

Product Details



Entrance Door

Aluminum alloy binding framework(thickness: 1.8mm),1 set folding door size: 4000×4500(mm)(W*H)

Personal Door

2 set side hung door:700*1700mm(W*H)

Lighting System

Lamp boxes are 45°  fixed on upper two side,with 18 groups*3pcs=54pcs 20w energy saving LED lamp,with 18 groups side light.

Air Intake and Exhaust System

With 4pcs centrifugal air blowers,Single parameter: YDW5.6m.4kw.12500m3/h
With 2pcs centrifugal air blower,Single parameter: YDW-710H.7.5KW.23000m3/h

Heating System

Equipped with 20 groups*3=60 pcs of infrared carbon fiber heating lamps,1000W/piece.
The operating temperature:50℃-60℃.Max. temperature:75℃

Filtration System

Ceiling equipped with CC-G650type high-efficiency filter,which can effectively filter the 5PM dust particles.The top filter cotton mesh is light stainless steel.

Environmental System

Each cabinet with three layers of activated carbon, plus an Environmental protection cabinet.

Control System

Painting,Baking,Temperature Controller, Breakdown Indicator, Power Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, and Time Setting


High performance antirust treatment grille galvanized on the trench, the shape of channel steel is convex, Channel steel column.and the two rows of grille made of vertical column are trench type.(the civil trench is made by the demander)

Total Power

92 KW


1, Pretreatment is fast, the effect is good:

The bus paint booth is a complete set of large equipment. Before use, the vehicle generally has to undergo pre-treatment. This not only eliminates the disadvantages of manual processing, improves work efficiency, and can improve the quality of the paint surface in the paint repair work.

2, Good working environment:

in order to keep the air in the paint room clean, equipped with filtering devices, such as filter cotton, used to filter the dust entering the air in the paint room, and the ventilation system will have enough ventilation speed in the paint room. This ensures that the air is clean.

3, High work efficiency: 

compared to artificial paint, vehicle pain oven is a mechanized "one-stop" service, work efficiency is several times higher, even dozens of times. The paint surface is smooth and uniform, free of impurities and has a high degree of polishing.

4, Safe and convenient: 

the vehicle paint drying room is generally equipped with a thermostat controller and a safety system. It saves the space and is easy to use. At the same time, the primer and topcoat can be forced to dry, speed up the work, and improve work efficiency and coating quality.

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