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Standard Water Curtain Paint Booth

Standard Water Curtain Paint Booth

Model No.: QX3000
Inside size: 6900*3900*2650(mm)(L*W*H)
Outside size: 8200*4000*4000(mm)(L*W*H)
Entrance Door size:2000*2000(mm)(L*W*H)
Side Door size:2000*2000(mm)(L*W*H)
Paint booth heating system: no
Baking booth: optional

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Product Details

Standard Water Curtain Paint Booth


1. Dimension can be customized.

2. Professional design and technology 

3. One year guarantee for our spray booth 

4. The environmentally-friendly water curtain is mainly discharged by the self-priming pump circulating water to the water curtain screen. The exhaust gas (paint) sprayed by the spray gun is hit by the water on the water curtain screen to the lower water discharge. A small portion of the exhaust gas (paint) is discharged from the outside of the workshop by the upper fan through the exhaust duct. There is no exhaust gas (paint) in the workshop to give everyone a good working environment. Protects the painter's health and environmental protection..

Product Details

Booth panel

Eps insulation wallboard and room roofing panel


24pcs LED lights


Pre-filter, high efficiency filter, water curtain unit filtration.

Air Blowers

2sets intake blowers of 1.5KW each.

1set outlet blower of 4kw anti explosion type.

Total Power


The principle of water curtain paint booth paint mist recovery: paint mist recovery can be divided into two parts: one is spray and water curtain collision mixing when spraying the workpiece, the water curtain will dissolve some paint mist into the cistern/water pool; the second is the paint mist that is not dissolved into the water curtain After entering the cistern/water pool through the gap at the bottom of the water curtain plate, the water mist sprayed from the atomizing nozzle is fully mixed, and the water vapor is separated and settled into the spray booth inside cistern/water pool, and forming slag in the cistern/water pool.

Water Curtain Paint Booth Project Photo:

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