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Infrared Powder Coating Oven

Infrared Powder Coating Oven

Model No.: High temperature baking oven
Wallboard: Anti fired panel
Color: White/Gray White
Function: drying powder coating finished products
Port Of Dispatch: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Delivery Method: Sea shipping

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Product Details

Unique advantages of infrared type oven 

1. High-efficiency energy-saving carbon fiber infrared electric heating tube has a heat conversion rate of more than 95%, which saves energy by 30% compared with ordinary electric heating tubes.  

2. Safety and environmental protection, adopting environmental protection technology, improving the operating environment, heating system does not need large current to start, heat dissipation quickly avoids the safety hazard of fuel baking oven.  

3.The baking effect is good: the electric heating tube is heated by its own far infrared radiation (not by convection conduction) to avoid the air circulation to form secondary pollution on the paint surface, so that the paint surface is more clean, thereby improving the quality of the paint.  

4. Economical and practical, low operating costs and energy saving.



4500x2500x2500(mm)(L x W x H)

4600x2650x2750(mm)(L x W x H)


Aluminum alloy binding framework , 1 unit of front casement door 2000x2000 (mm)(W x H)


75mm rock wool panel anti fired material with two side steel panel


75mm rock wool panel anti fired material with two side steel panel

With anti-slide checkered plate

Heating System

Be equipped with 54pcs infrared lamps

The operating temperature:80 centigrage – 180 centigrage

High Temperature Baking Oven Photo

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