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Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth

Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth

Product advantage: Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth is designed for drive-thru type powder coating, with Recovery System and automatic powder collection bin.
Function: Collecting and recycling powder coating.

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Product Details


powder coating recovery machine

1 set recovery

3.2m Long,1.2width,2.2m high
(high is not include air fan)

Main components

recovery machine:Frame&body, Powder recovery system, Electrical control system,Light tube,Exhaust air duct(2pcs straight).


each recovery machine:The main framework using # 5 * 5 # galvanized square tube welding do framework, powder spraying chamber adopts 1 mm thick galvanized snowflake plate bending, welding, riveting. Has the characteristics of corrosion resistant, easy cleaning powder.

Powder recovery system

each recovery machine:In order to achieve discharge atmospheric environmental standards, draft fan with large air volume 2Sets-3kw exhauster, powder recovery filter with 6 sets of high (32 cm * 66 cm * 100 mesh density), 6 head storage drum, effective filtering in electrostatic powder, each filter is equipped with pulse electromagnetic valve, blow out the effective interval, recycling powder.

Electrical control system

each recovery machine:The main electrical domestic famous brand,with 5 groups of the pulse electromagnetic valve control instrument, fan control and lighting switch, etc.


each recovery machine:1 pc 36 w explosion-proof lamp for single unit


380V 50ZH 3Phase

Total power


The recycling machine uses high-strength and high-quality filterr. The unique back-blowing device automatically clears the powder and the recycling effect is remarkable. Easy to clean, quick color change, simple and convenient. The powder recovery efficiency is as high as 98%. The recycling machine is designed according to the aerodynamic principle, and the dust that is scattered outside will be scattered into the filter element, which is simple and practical. It not only helps improve work efficiency, but also has a good impact on people's physical and mental health.

Qiangxin spray booth factory manufacture customs sizes of powder coating collector. Please check attached project photo of powder coating collecting machine.

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