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Small Powder Coating Booth

Small Powder Coating Booth

Functions: Suitable for laboratory spraying, test spraying and small work-piece spraying. Filter recycling, improve the utilization of powder.
Features: Small size, light weight, with the advantages of easy movement.

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Product Details

Small Powder Coating Booth

Powder Recovery Machine specification

Total dimension:3000*1200*2200mm(L*W*H)

Galvanized Thickness:1.5mm(whole set)

Turbine fan:2*3kw/set (Copper core)

High Density dust Filter:6pcs(325*900mm)

Digital Intelligent Control:1pc

Automatic Pulse meter:1pc

High frequency pulse valve:6pcs

Powder Recovery Drawer:2pcs

20W explosion-proof lighting:1pc

How it works 

The recycling platform consists of four parts: the tank, the powder filtration system, the exhaust system, and the control system. When the mist is sprayed, the air filter is sucked by the exhaust fan and discharged through the air duct, thereby generating a strong airflow. The powder mist will not rise outside, the fiber filter core will be cleaned automatically, and a good strong airflow will be maintained. The whole program has electrical automatic control.

The main materials of the dust recycling machine:

a- High-quality iron plate booth body

b-The filter element adopts a fiber-optic filter element;

c-The fan adopts a low noise centrifugal fan;

d-Automatic electrical controller..

Powder Coating Collecting Booth

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