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Industrial Powder Coating Equipment

Industrial Powder Coating Equipment

Model No.: 6800 powder coating gun
Applicable: The scope of application covers a wide range of industries, such as guardrail handrails, industrial coating, color steel mills, steel construction plants, home improvement furniture, bridge tunnels, etc.

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Product Details

Features and benefits

1, built-in high-voltage module settings, have higher electrostatic output efficiency, higher powder rate.

2. This powder gun can effectively control the powder flow rate and high-voltage static parameters of the powder gun, and the output high voltage and classic current can be converted and displayed in time.

3, the structure is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance, disassembly and assembly is fast and convenient.

4. All parts in contact with powder are made of high wear-resistant imported materials and have excellent wear resistance.

5, different nozzles can be selected.

Spray gun set Parameter List

Input voltage AC 220V

Output voltage 0-100KV

Output current 160uA

Maximum input pressure 8bar

Air requires no water, highly purified

Maximum air consumption 19m3 / h

powder barrel capacity 350*500mm

gun weight:450g

set weight:35kgs

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