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Auto Body Prep Station

Auto Body Prep Station

Type: Dry sanding dust collector
Function: According to the aerodynamic principle, the dust is sucked to the surface of the filter by external pumping, and then the dust is back flushed into the dust box by an automatic back flushing device for easy cleaning.
Size: Standard or custom

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Product Details

Auto Body Prep Station


1, easy to disassemble. The material is compatible with the material and resistant to wear.

2, stability is good, no leakage will occur.

3, the filter area is 2-4 times that of the traditional bag filter, and can reduce the volume of the dust collector by 2-4 times, and the service life is also 4 times that of the traditional bag.

4, good ventilation. The air has a high air permeability and has the ability to handle large amounts of dust.

Product Parameter




12 Filter Cartridge


2 Set Turbine exhaust fan (copper wire),3kw each

Dust box

3 pcs

Custom Prep Station Polish Vacuum Cleaner Photo


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