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One Face Three Curtains Prep Station

One Face Three Curtains Prep Station

No.: QX500D no basement
Internal Size: 6300*3450*2650mm
External Size: 7550*3550*3000mm
Metal foundation: Optional
Warranty: 1 year

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Product Details

One Face Three Curtains Prep Station 

Prep Station Spare parts 

Rear Panel: EPS insulation material, 50mm.

Roof Panel: Galvanized steel panel.

Sides: PVC curtains.

Lights: Ceiling lights 8units*3pcs=24pcs, each 16w LED lights.

Filters: high ceiling filter, exhaust fiberglass filter.

Exhaust cabinet and fan: motor power 5.5KW,exhaust from rear side.

Control unit: fan switch, lighting switch, emergency stop etc…

Prep Station Main Features

The fan adopts high air pressure, large air volume fan, adopts the exhaust mode, relies on strong negative pressure to generate air flow, and the dust particles that have been polished are quickly discharged out through the air duct, thereby achieving the purpose of clean workshop environment, protecting the physical and mental health of workers and improving work efficiency.

The car polish prep station can be designed for using with Spray Booth together, also can be manufactured in custom size available for your limited garage space.

Different Type Prep Station For Choice


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