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Hydraulic Car Frame Machine

Hydraulic Car Frame Machine

Type: Hydraulic frame puller
Capacity: 10tons.
Function: The automobile beam pulling machine is a tool for correcting externally impacted cars that are deformed. The car frame machine is divided into two types: a plate type and a simple type. The most commonly used is the plate type, which is flexible and convenient.

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Product Details

Hydraulic Car Frame Machine

Product Description

1.Platform: The deck thickness is 10MM strength, but other supplier's thickness is only 8MM

2.Arc-shaped structure on the four inner corners of the bench, make the pulling tower move flexible and can't fall down.

3.The inside of the platform adopt#10 U-steel as framework. No bend after pulling, which makes this machine more stronger.

4.Pulling tower: Strong renforcement tower, the tower height is 2 meter, it can pull the dent of car roof very easy.

5.Wide tooth bolts for the pulling tower, ensure the long service time, and added with the secondary quickly locking, high work effiency, no tilt, it makes the pulling capacity come to 10Tons.

6.Tiger clamps:The main and auxiliary fixing, double fixed, firm and fast locking, high efficiency.

7.Chain: Strengthen thickness, don't break after high strength,protect the device, with the secondary protection Sling.

Technical Parameter

Length of platform


560 cm

Maximum rack length (with tower)


684 cm

Width of platform


220 cm

Rack width (with tower)


351 cm

Pattern width


67 cm

Height of work

4.7’ up to 22’,Min. 12cm

56 cm



200 holes

Max lift

7800 lbs

3500 kg

Max Pulling

10 tons

9072 kg

Tower sizes



Shipping Weight

6 000 lbs

2412 kg

Power Requirements

Air 70 bar

Air 7 kg

Hydraulic Powered Car Pulling Machine Photo

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