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2 Post Car Lift

2 Post Car Lift

Model No.: 4T Two Post Car Lift
Capacity: 4Tons.
Color: Blue or Red or Gray
Function: for car lifting, repair
Electric Voltage:380V
Power: 2.2KW

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Product Details

2 Post Car Lift


1. The backplane design is more suitable for low ceiling maintenance sites.

2. Multi-cornered posts to ensure the strength and reliability of the whole machine.

3, Sliding body steel plate welding, to support arm support point more firmly.

4, Supporting arm external welding with stiffener, to make the supporting arm more firmly.

5, Use high quality power unit, durable, safe and reliable operation.

6. With the double chain and double lock teeth external design, when the vehicle rises or falls, the state of unlocking and locking can be intuitively observed. The double teeth lock is safer and firmer, greatly improving the safety factor and more easy for customers to operation and maintain.

7, An unique automatic lock device, more time-saving and convenient.

8. Double-safety non-slip fall-off device protects from the post ladder to hydraulic closing, to ensure the double safety retention of the vehicle body.

Product Specification

Lifting capacity:


Width Between posts:


Lifting height:


Lowest height:


Lifting time:

≤ 60S

Power supply:


Total height:


Motor power:


Total width:




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