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Efficient Car Paint Infrared Heater

Efficient Car Paint Infrared Heater

No.: QX-3DG
Input power Single phase: 220V±10 50/60HZ
Input power (W): 3*1100W
Baking area (mm): 1200mm*1000mm
Power (W): 35%-99% adjustable
Time setting (minutes): 0-99min adjustable
Control mode: Independent switch individually controls each group of lights

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Product Details

Efficient Car Paint Infrared Heater

Application field 

In the paint shop, mobile infrared baking lamps are an effective assistant, suitable for all types of small and medium-sized paint repair work.  

Movable infrared baking lamps are mainly suitable for high-strength drying of putty, gilt ash, filler primer and topcoat, which can be used for pre-treatment and final stages.  

Well-known automobile manufacturing companies and large furniture manufacturing factories also use mobile infrared baking lamps for small-scale repair work and final drying before polishing.

Product introduction 

The QX-3GD top infrared lamps is fast drying paint equipment for baking car body repair painting. 

1, The lampshade uses high-purity aluminum alloy material to facilitate heat dissipation.  

2, The reflector is made of imported 304 stainless steel mirror panel material.  

3. The plugs on both sides of the lamp head are all die-casted by die-casting aluminum, which is resistant to high temperature and deformation.  

4, Its protective net cover protects the lamp tube and reflector to avoid mechanical damage. The aluminum alloy track adopts mold molding once, high-end, atmospheric and practical.  

5, Using German technology high-quality IRA infrared short-wave heating lamp (optional Osram, gold-plated tube, etc.).  

6, The lamp body can be rotated 360 degrees, the upper limit can reach the car roof.  

7. The gas spring self-locking mechanism can be vertically moved up and down to make the lamp head adjustment easier. At the same time, according to the process requirements, the preheating and drying time can be programmed, and the lamp installation structure is simpler and easier to replace.  

8, The imported microcomputer control system.

Movable Infrared Lamps In Paint Booth

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