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Cabinet Type Tool Box Trolley

Cabinet Type Tool Box Trolley

No.: 400pcs super tool trolley set with 5 wheels
Features: Optional advanced 8-layer 5-wheel tool cart with triple safety lock. It is an ideal choice for 4S
stations, schools, automakers and overseas users to fully meet the needs of medium and high-end customers.

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Product Details

Cabinet Type Tool Box Trolley


Professional tools, carries on the modular combinations. Powerful Function, fully meet the high-end customer demand, professional, standard, beautiful appearance, is a set of perfect tool solution.

This tool cart equipped with advanced eight layers and 5 wheel, triple security lock, strong load-bearing, safety, efficiency and humanization. 

Within the creative combination to meet different customer needs, is the 4 s station, school, oems,overseas users ideal choice. Highly recommended by Land rover, jaguar, lexus, acura, Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, audi and other well-known brands.

Product Details

400 pieces of special teaching tool set

First layer: 72 pieces of 12.5MM sleeve tool set

Second layer: 153 pieces of 10MM sleeve tool set

The third layer: 34 wrench tool set

The fourth layer: 28-piece wrench, screwdriver tool set

Fifth layer: 17 pieces of pliers screwdriver tool set

The sixth layer: 60 pieces of auto maintenance tool set

The seventh layer: 35 sets of special tools for auto repair

Leaf plate cover, T-shaped hexagon socket wrench

Tool Trolley With 400pcs Tools


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