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Automatic Tracking Camera Car Wheel Alignment

Automatic Tracking Camera Car Wheel Alignment

No.: M9 wheel alignment machine
Features: Automatic lifting type
3D measurement technology
Exceed 25,000 database

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Product Details

Automatic Tracking Camera Car Wheel Alignment


1: wireless beam, no electronic sensors and components, avoiding the measurement problems caused by the sensors. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the parallelism of the vehicle plane and the uneven level of the lifting platform. The measurement process does not require wheel and rim compensation, which increases the accuracy and reliability of measurement, and provides higher efficiency. 

2:LED multi screen, can show the Four Wheel Aligner rear wheel measurement readout, help operator to complete the adjustment of vehicle rear wheel positioning independently, improve efficiency and save time.

3: The Four Wheel Aligner can automatically track the parking position of the vehicle in accordance with the height of the lifting machine, adjust the height of the camera beam in real time. Find the best position, and ensure the precision of the location detection.

Product Parameter

QX- M9 Wheel Aligner technical parameters

Diaplay accuracy


Retraction Angle measurement range


Camber accuracy


Propulsion Angle accuracy


Camber measurement range


Propulsion Angle measurement range


Caster accuracy


Wheelbase measurement range


Caster measurement range


Power supply voltage


S.A.I accuracy




S.A.I measurement range


Containment Angle accuracy


Toe accuracy


Toe measurement precision


Toe measurement range


Aging compatible


Retraction Angle accuracy


Thrust Angle accuracy

± 0.02'

Wheel Aligner Machine Spare Parts

Clamp/Target: 1 set   

Hanger: 1 set

Displayer: LCD 22'' and LED

Pillar: 1 set       

Canon Printer: 1 set    

Manual: 1 set      

Turntable: 1 set

HP Computer: 1set      

Camera beam: 1 set

Mouse/Keyboard: 1 set

Transitional block: 1 set

Steering wheel/brake lock:1 set

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